IUPUI’s English Week: Community in Action

What’s a way to boost majors and credit hours, bring increased attention to the English department, and excite faculty?  A celebration called “English Week” brings all these benefits and more,…

What Can I Do With an English Major?

What Can I Do With an English Major?

The story of the unemployable English major is both powerful and damaging, since students are more than ever concerned that their choice of degree will lead to successful employment—reasonably so…

New Updates to Language Indicators

I thought followers of the ADE/ADFL Commons might be interested in the “New Updates to Language Indicators.” Here is the PDF of the Indicators report on languages and the link to their website.

Approaches to Undergraduate Literary Study

At the 2015 ADE-ADFL Summer Seminar East in Arlington, Virginia, John David Guillory (NYU) and Domna Stanton (CUNY Graduate Center) presented papers that consider the problem of the content of…