Hiring in a Time of Covid-19

How does a department go forward with the interview process when an on-campus visit is impossible because of COVID-19?

Hiring Particularities

Our department is gearing up for its first search in years, and my first search as chair. Given how long we’ve waited, and how tenuous our college’s budget still is, there’s a lot of both excitement and anxiety about making this search work.

A Non-Tenure-Track Bird in the Hand

One of my graduate student advisees has interviews lined up at the MLA convention, for tenure-track and non-tenure-track positions. She also just learned that she has been offered a position—non-tenure-track…

NTT Salary Compression

I’m regularly faced with a dilemma—recognizing that like most places we pay our instructors too little, I could raise the initial salary for new hires, but that would leave them making close to what our long-term instructors make. There will be—rightfully—resentment there, but I’m also uncomfortable continuing in perpetuity a bad compensation model. What to do?

Orienting and Retaining New Faculty Members

I’m at a small, teaching-oriented campus where we’ve been able to hire some impressive junior faculty over the past couple of years. In past years, our junior ranks have been…